The web is full of sites about wine, oil and food ... we try to be different focusing the attention of the project to those who manage with their fatigue, their daily efforts to make us "feel" what is really behind a glass of wine or a bottle of extra virgin olive oil: the producers, the winemakers. They make us discover the scents and flavors of their region, they guide us in a world that is theirs but it is also a little bit ours, a world that has deep roots with the past but is already projected into the future, along a journey that want to cross the main wine regions of our Country. We will take You into their wineries, we will hear the stories of them, we will let you know the result of the work of the winemakers, hoping that you too can perceive the passion and the love that they engage in this world of them that is also a little our... in order to lead you to a more informed and better consumption.
Have a nice trip
Team La Degustazione

 We are arriving in the Asian Continent to develop italian extra virgin olicve oil culture thru Chinese people.

Next June 2015, 15th to 23rd our Prof. Flavio Di Gregorio will be in Shanghai to teach at the University as an expert of Olive Oil and its principles helping human wealth. EVO is a medicine more than to be a food....

Good Luck to Flavio... we hope we can open new channels, even commercial ones, to develop one of the best italian excellence on food as the real extra virgin olive oil is.

All the best

Team La Degustazione

Flavio Di Gegorio says:

great excitement I announce that the Project Food Lagustazione.com has recently enriched with the intensive instruction on extra virgin olive
oil that I do at the prestigious School of Cooking coquis, located in
Via Flaminia 575 Rome, in support of basic courses and master.There are four hours of overflying the oil out of that which inclusive
of call in the Properties 'Nutritional and Pharmacological which it
owns, and then glide landing on Tasting Finale dedicated and focused on
oils with different properties' flavor.I
thank this Cooking School of believing in our type of disclosure and
allowing me to express my ideas, academic medical, in this case aimed at
the knowledge of the "oil" on the part of those who dedicate their
future lives working to tickle the mouth, I really hope so, with culinary inventions.

My repetitive sentences pronounced  more times to the students "What do you want to become? Chefs employees or professional?" I hope this should be a constant stimulus to cultural research in the field of
food commodities and a warning to encourage each of them to the
knowledge of this wide subject and gastronomy, full of variables and
non-ponderable.The brilliant and fundamental dialectical interaction with the
students that they are high school, college or professional,
constructive and if carried out with passion, remains the central core
to integrate and compare the most of the diverse experiences of everyday
life with the profession working.

Cooking School for me is the most great organoleptic existing
laboratory in which we can learn, experiment and create new ideas and
methodologies, with the assumption that the error is considered
essential stage of human work and remains the cornerstone of the
increase of the experience in any workplace.

Rome, March 22th 2015

La Degustazione and Villa In Canto presented La Traviata (G. Verdi)

Hiroko Morita

Gianni Leccese

Piano: Riccardo Serenelli

The Winery in 1 minute